Xenter Jut Hair Salon

  • Type — Beauty & Spa
  • Location — Central – Hong Kong
  • Size — 4000ft2
  • Date — 2006
  • Design Brief — Stylish hair salon for celebrities and VIPs

Established Especially for Celebrities

A group of young and very talented hair stylists who are much in demand in the entertainment industry, decided to open a large salon catering for celebrities and VIPs in the city.

They liked London fashion, we decided to play around with the British iconic style The Teddy Boy. Edwardian dandies, young rebellious arts, lush velvet with stripy wallpaper. Lots of fairly large VIP rooms to welcome celebrities with their entourage and pets and ensuring, making sure no VIPs need to fight for rooms.

One of the most difficult projects we had encountered because we needed to complete design & construction in less than 2 months under a very tight budget.  And having to answer to more than 10 individuals who all have their own ideas and instructions. Luckily, it was an immediate hit in the very competitive Central area and still go strong.