• Type — Institution
  • Location — Tsuen Wan - Hong Kong
  • Date — 2011
  • Design Brief — Children's play center catering for the neighbourhood
  • Website —

Child's Play

Client has an already successful hair salon and a growing family, they find that there isn’t enough room for children to spend their time where is fun and secure at the same time.  Hence the idea of a private playground where admittance is controlled and area is confined.

Both client and us has no experience in the construction of children play facilities, the utmost important is safety issue.  We spent much time in studying all facilities’ safety, material and construction specification to make sure not only they are fun and attractive, we make sure they are safe and non toxic to children.

After approval from underage volunteers’ thorough testing, we gave up a few dangerous or boring facilities, most reluctantly the sky high water slide.  A fun and totally new experience.