Cameo Court

  • Type — Residential
  • Location — Mid-Levels – Hong Kong
  • Size — 600ft2 with 600ft2 rooftop
  • Date — 2009
  • Design Brief — Swiss & Chinese couple turned investment into their home

Young Couple’s Dream Home

Client is a Swiss positioned to HK by Ferragamo, he bought this apartment with rooftop initially as an investment.  He asked for our opinion when he first saw this run down little flat owned by a very old Chinese lady.  We saw the potential of the place and we worked closely with the client for 9 months to turn it into their dream home in the end. .

We completely changed the layout of the 3 bedrooms flat into 1 bedroom with small closet/storage.  Relocate all the piping & plumbing to accomondate the open kitchen and larger bathroom.  We negotiated with the Incorporate Owners of the building all through construction in order to build the rooftop that we visioned in the beginning.  In the end the couple loved it so much they decided to move in themselves and all their friends around Central make the rooftop their hang outl