Pott is a common fund to which our architects, interior designers and all our specialist designers contribute our best. We use this fund in a creative way to win and capture projects and clients. And all great design and ideas are all first put down on paper, everyone has the same white piece but what comes out of it is astonishingly different.

Chow Chi Chung

Pott’s Director Chichung Chow is an established Architect in Hong Kong, he started his first company with Ms. Cathy Du Troit, Mr. Peter Sabara and Mr. Peter Thomas the same year he graduated from the Architect Association in 1992. They participated in many international architectural competitions and design projects.

During his time in England, he also taught architecture at De Montfort University, University of Central London, Greenwich University and Leicester University as guest tutor.

Chow returned to Hong Kong in 1997 to witness the return of Hong Kong to China and he decided to stay. With two other AA associates, he created e’vision (Hong Kong), an architectural design and construction firm. Chow was the creative director and he leaded a team of architects, interiors & graphic designers and contractors.

For seven years e’vision was a successful and reputable firm and developed a deepened knowledge and network within the building industry both in Hong Kong and China.

In Christmas 2003, Chow set up Pott to gain greater freedom in design and to experiment with sustainable and non toxic building materials.  It’s one of Pott’s passion to build client a space not just aesthetically pleasing, it’s also important that it has to be non toxic and environmental friendly too.  We become experts in beauty spas and residential projects over the years because our clients see the same as us.

  • Director — Chow Chi Chung
  • Establishment — 2003
  • Brief — Pott is derived from Latin’s Pottus, it means paper, a common fund and to win and capture.